We at Omas Trades International believe in customer demand first. Our company focuses on client needs. Our system essentially enables us to assist our clients to either export or import a wide array of products overseas. Based on needs, we have resources for nearly all types of consumer products, whether it be frozen, chilled, organic which includes fish, poultry, fruits, veggies, dry goods (canned or processed). We can also aid you with products such as manufacturing goods i.e. machinery, electrical products, and tools. Cosmetics, perfumes or some of the top of the line health & beauty care products are also available for export. We also have apparel for men, women, and kids. Electronics, Water Purification or HomeGoods are also available. All available in bulk quantities not to mention everything is available at brand name in New or Wholesale Liquidation Prices.

Please refer to our Categories Page to see our large options available for all your business needs or simply select from the menus above to directly open the category of your choice.